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Top 5 Best juicer for Celery Reviews & Buying Guide

Best juicer for Celery Juice

Celery is a vegetable preferred by a lot of people to be consumed in the form of juice. As it carries a lot of health benefits. Juices celery is not an easy task. All the juicers are not designed to juice celery.

Due to its sneaky consistency, the juicers could not convert it in the form of juice. Just due to this drawback. We can avoid the usage of celery.

We must get such a juicer that is capable of juicing stubborn vegetables like celery. As it contains numerous vitamins, minerals, and nutritions. 

This research will provide you with a list of such juicers specially designed and featured for celery Juicers. Our review is based on biased information as we have highlighted all negative and positive outcomes of the juicer designed for celery.

To gather information, we have spent a major time studying user reviews, reviews by professionals, and various research. By viewing this Best juicer list for celery. You may get your ideal and desired juicer.

Before selecting the best juicer for celery. You must know what features a juicer must carry to squeeze out the juice from celery? And how to identify the best juicer for celery?

There are two major types of juicers: Centrifugal juicers and slower juicers named Masticating juicers. To select the best juicers first of all you have to understand the difference between both.

If you are conscious about getting maximum nutrition, then you must go with slower juicers. These types of juicers work at a slow speed to protect the nutrition to get affected.

Because high-speed juicers like centrifugal juicers work at a very high speed and exert heat during the juicing process. So in this case slow juicers are best for celery juicers. As you don’t want to spoil celery nutritions.

Secondly, you must note whether the juice can tightly squeeze out the juice from an ingredient or not.

Celery is somehow sticky and sneaky it needs a tight juice process. If the juicer fails to tightly extract the juice. Then it may fail to squeeze juice from celery.

Further the size and position of the juicer can affect the juicing process. They are two positions in which juicers are designed: Horizontal and vertical. By using the vertical juicer. You may put ingredients in a juicer in the direction of gravity.

Using a horizontal juicer also has the benefit of its type. As the horizontal juicer is best for celery concerning its easy-to-clean facility.

As you know celery contains sticky and stringy pulp. So if the juicer is in a horizontal position you can clean it easily. 

List of Best juicer for Celery

our Top Pick
  • Efficient & Durable
  • Auto Shut off System
  • Separate Moveable
  • Mueller Ultra Juicer
ZNIENIECountertop Breville BJE200XL
  • Unique Extraction System
  • Short Prep Time
  • Compact Design & Convenient Storage
  • Included Accessories
QQCute Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer
  • Extractor Easy to Clean
  • Quiet Motor & Reverse Function
  • BPA-Free, Cold Press Juicer with Brush
H2oflossCountertop Omega MM900HDS
  • Medical Medium Slow Masticating 
  • High Juice Yield Adjustable Dial
  • Support Immune System
H2oflossCountertop Omega VSJ843QS
  • Vertical Slow Masticating Juicer
  • Fruit and Vegetable Juice at 43 Revolutions per Minute
  • Features Compact Design.
  • Amazing innovative juicer

01-Mueller, Austria Ultra Power Best juicer for Celery Juice

Feature & Design

Mueller’s is one of the best brands responsible for the production of kitchen appliances.

Their slogan is to provide a simple product with superior performance. They have deep concerns about the user’s health.

The material used for the manufacturing of their products is purely BPA-free plastic.

Long-term use of such material may not exert any negative effect upon the user’s health.

The juicer has an excellent design. With silver and black lines over its surface.

Its presence can enhance the overall look of your kitchen. You may find an amazing feature of the Armlock system.

With the help of this Armlock, you may not feel a disturbance while Juicing. It will help to keep the top cover stable throughout the Juicing process.

Its efficiency and durability are guaranteed. As you may get healthy, high-yield juice full of vitamins and nutrition.

The juice will remain fresh and full of healthy enzymes all day long. Whether it is morning, afternoon, or evening you can get benefited from the advancement of the Mueller juicer.

The Mueller, Austria Juicer is featured with an easy to operate, easy to clean, and easy to assemble facility. Further, an anti-drip function is also available. You can get up to 16 oz juice in a few seconds.

Highlighted features

  • Power motor works at 18000 rpm.
  • Efficient and durable working process.
  • Auto shut off system in case of improper power supply.
  • Easy assemble and disassemble process that many take only a few seconds.
  • Featured by safety arm to lock the cover and to avoid any possible spillage. 
  • It works with full power, but it does not let the juice fade its real color and taste.
  • Separate moveable juice gathering jug so that you may feel free to pour juice into glasses.
  • Jug carries a cover over it so while Juicing for may not face juice splashing issues.
  • Amazing Juicing experience as it provides good consists of juice with a high level of energy.


  • The dimension of the overall product is 16.75 x 13.5 x 9.5 inches.
  • Easy to carry lightweight juicer of only 2.2 pounds.  It is designed to work at 110 – 120 voltage.


To view the warranty plan you have to visit the provided link. Click Here

  • Have ability to work at very high speed.
  • Functionalized for anti-dripping facility.
  • Easy to operate with mess free juicing experience.
  • Wide mouth feeding chute as wide as the size of medium apple.
  • Loud juicer as it does not support modern soundless technology.
  • You may experience wet pulp as it does not extract 90 % of juicer from the ingredient.

02- Breville BJE200XL Juice Best Juicer for Celery

Feature & Design

BREVILLE has taken the responsibility to produce such products that may provide you comfortable and perfect results in your own Comfortable space.

The BREVILLE juicers are preferred by professionals. You may get restaurant-type Juicing results at home. The juicer may provide a delightful full result on every use for a long time.

It has a unique and extraordinary juice extracting system. The juicer disc has small blades over its surface, it helps to cut and crush both hard and soft vegetables to extract every single drop of juice from the ingredients.

Some juicers are very sensitive they can’t bear the hardness of hard vegetables like carrots.

But while using this juicer you may not feel disturbed by such a situation. All the credit goes to titanium disc.

By using these juices your extra prep time is reduced to no work. Now you don’t have to spend a long time cutting celery or other fruits and vegetables. Due to its elongated wide feed chute.

An additional jug is provided with the juice to cover the led. So now you don’t have to worry about any messy situation.

If the juice container is attached with the juicer or else if you don’t have a cover lid jug the juice may splash while the juicer is performing its task.

Besides all such flawless features. The BREVILLE juicer has certain flaws, such as the Filter basket may clot while Juicing process. To avoid this situation. You have to clear the filter basket as soon as it fills.

Highlighted features

  • Amazing Juicing ability you don’t have to push ingredients.
  • Best recommended for Juicing celery and related green herbs.
  • Best performance in regard to extracting juice full of nutritions.
  • Both titanium disc and filter basket are made of stainless steel.
  • Save a lot of space over the counter as it does not gather a lot of space.
  • Additional cleaning brush and one 25FL jug are provided with the juicer.
  • Easy to clean just by splashing water over the washable parts of the Juicer.
  • Three inches wide feeding mouths, now you don’t have to cut ingredients into small pieces.


  • Less spread juicer of 7.4 x 10.4 x 12.7 inches dimension.
  • The weight of this innovative juicer is 9.68 pounds.  It is powered by 700 W and 110 V.


The warrant plan for this juicer will last for almost 1 year. The Breville juicer is equipped by many modern features.

Besides, it features the manufacturers have a deep concern about the user’s health. The juicer is made up of BPA-free plastic.

  • Space saver.
  • Light weight.
  • Metallic blade.
  • Lesser your preparation time due to its large feeding chute.
  • You will have to remove the clotted ingredients from the internal part of juicer.
  • Speed adjustment button is not available; the juicer is designed to work at one speed level.

3. AICOK Slow Masticating Best Juicer for Celery

Feature & Design

Recommended as one of the best and prefer an able Masticating juicer for juicing celery. The horizontal slow juicers are considered as one of the best juicers in the case of Juicing celery.

The AICOK juicer has the ability to extract maximum juice and preserve it for hours. So now you don’t have to worry about degrading of nutritions within the juice.

The juice began to degrade if the juicer releases heat and oxidizes the juice and prevailing nutrition.

As suggested by the name the juicer is slow and works at the speed of 80 RPM. So now you can preserve the juice for almost more than two days.

This AICOK juicer is designed for only extracting juice. It does not contain any additional modern features.

Well, if a product is designed for a single function. Then It means the manufacturers have contributed all of their time is enhancing that single task.

By viewing the review section, we came to know the juicer is performing well at its single functional task.

While selecting this amazing juicer. You will get a variety of colors to select the juicer according to your taste.

As the juicer comes in five different colors. Named as: Galaxy gray, classic black, ivory white, red and green.

The juicer chute is relatively wider than the other juicers but still small. As you have to cut major big vegetables and fruits.

Besides an excellent Juicing process. One amazing fact about this juicer is its easy cleaning process. Because the juice collector bucket is not attached to the juicer.

So you can feel free and easy after squeezing juice on a daily basis. Whereas while using another juicer one of the biggest issues of using Juicer is its tough cleaning process. We may feel refreshed while having juice.

But later on, its tough cleaning task can become a hurdle. So to avoid cleaning many people avoid using the juicer. Then why purchase such a product that may create difficulty.

Highlighted features

  • Color options are available.
  • An advanced juicer with modern technology.
  • The juicer is certified by organizations such as ETL and UL.
  • Single spiral auger with seven segments of squeezing technology.
  • Functions like assembling, cleaning, operating are kept in concern.
  • The manufacturer guaranty maximum nutrition’s with minimum oxidation.
  • Problems like clotting of Juicing ingredients may not occur as it provides a smooth Juicing experience.
  • If you are worried about the high pitch Juicing sound, then you must be glad to know that the juicer is designed by keeping a child’s health in mind.


  • The weight of the present juicer is 8.23 pounds.
  • It is designed to be operated at 110 V and 150 W.
  • The dimension covered by the product is 16.1 x 7.6 x 11.6 inches.


The manufacturers have a deep concern about the quality and performance of their products. As they provide 3 years of assurance regarding the quality and performance of their product.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Have ability to squeeze out almost 97 – 98 % of juice.
  • Have ability to reduce oxidation by working on low speed to provide you juice full of nutrition’s.
  • Strong and upgraded auger you don’t have to put extra pressure to get desired juice and vitamins.
  • Narrow feeding tube to add celery and related food ingredients.
  • Compartment to gather pulp is not available you must be very careful to avoid any possible mess.

4. Omega MM900HDS Medical Medium Slow Masticating Best Celery Juicer

Feature & Design

Omega MM900HDS is basically designed for Juicing celery and related food items. It is fictionalizing to tightly squeeze out Juice from soft food items.

Those juicers that do not tightly squeeze juice can jot be used for celery and wheatgrass. Due to their tiny structure.

Celery and green herbs are used in the form of juice to provide a lot of health benefits. If they are not squeezed properly a lot of juice will remain extracted from the pulp.

So if you can’t get that true nutrition’s then what is the purpose of a juicer?

Along with additional accessories, two end caps are provided with the juicer. One is used for fruits and vegetables whereas the other one is used for green items like celery and leafy green.

To increase the capacity of nutrition during juicing. The juicer is featured by ultra-quiet technology. Now your juicing process will not bother anyone around you. You can use it at any time anywhere.

If you are bringing worried about its cleaning process, then you may feel glad to know that all parts of the juicer can be detached. So you can wash them easily under the sink without being worried.

After having such marvelous features. The Omega juicer has some downfalls as well. As it can increase your prep time.

It has a narrow chute. So you will have to cut the food items before putting them in the juicer. But If your main purpose of buying a Juicer is to prepare celery juice. Then you know Celery stalks are elongated you don’t have to cut them.

Highlighted features

  • Tight squeezes feature to provide a high yield of all time.
  • The juicer is optimized to work at a speed of 80 RPM.
  • Provide high-quality juice to boost up your immune system.
  • A separately adjustable juicer stopper is also available in the box with the juicer.
  • A slow masticating juicer with the ability to keep nutrition upgraded for as long as 71 hours.
  • It is tagged as a medical medium due to its ability to extract maximum juice, which may provide many health benefits.
  • The juice stopper is adjusted at the juice outlet spout to provide you with complete independence.
  • Specially optimized for extracting juice from celery, but it can be preferred for other food items as well.


  • The weight of this innovative juicer is 17. 16 pounds.
  • This horizontal Omega juicer covers 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches dimensions.


No doubt the juicer will provide an efficient user experience for a long time. Still, you will receive 15 years of warranty.

The manufacturers have confidence in their product you can also trust with it as you will be getting a long time warranty plan. That you could avail anytime during the given time period.

  • Horizontal juicer.
  • Good price juicer.
  • Best option for juicing celery.
  • Squeeze all possible juice by leaving dry pulp behind.
  • Expensive product.
  • Cleaning task consume relatively more time as compare to other

05Omega VSJ843QS Vertical Slow Masticating Juicer

Feature & Design

This beautiful Omega juicer has a different working process. As it is vertical in shape.

So it works in a vertical manner not opposite to gravity like some of the horizontal juicers.

Its size and shape can be very beneficial in the sense of saving a lot of space over the counter. With this juicer, you don’t have to worry about available space, as you can adjust it in very minimal space.

Whereas if you don’t have much space it can be kept in kitchen cabinet as well. One of its amazing features is its auto cleaning technology.

Now you can extract juice very easily. You don’t have to open the juicer to clean its filter basket. If you don’t have auto cleaning technology, then you may face some disturbance while Juicing pulpy ingredients. Such as celery have a lot of sticky pulp in it.

The juicer is specially designed for Juicing celery. Due to this auto cleaning feature, you may feel easy to wash the juicer after all work is done.

The juicer is able to provide dry pulp as it squeezes out all available juice from the Juicing ingredient. So now you don’t have to put that pulp again in the juicer to extract the juice. As it will do this work at once.

It works at the speed of 43 RPM which is the minimum speed among the slow juicers. With such low speed, the chances of heating reduce to zero heat up.

You will get a maximum juicer of high yield and good consistency. You can get this amazing, innovative juicer in two beautiful colors: Silver and red. Additional jug and cleaning brush are also provided.

But if you don’t want to pour juicer directly during the Juicing process, then an additional juice stopper is also provided with the juicer to let the juice stay within the juicer.

Highlighted features

  • An automatic cleaning system is available.
  • Available in two colors: silver and red.
  • Provide quiet/sound less Juicing process.
  • Efficient to work at the rate of 43 RPM.
  • Juice blockage functions at the end of the juice spout.
  • Provide you both high quality and quantity of juice.
  • Lightweight and small body juicer gather very little space over the counter.
  • Ability to keep juice nutrition activate for a long time due to its gently squeezing function.


  • The weight of omega vsj843qs juicer is 11.5 pounds.
  • The product covers almost 15.51 x 6.97 x 15.47-inch space over the counter.
  • It is supported by 110/120 voltage; it is specially designed to support North American standards.


The Omega juicer is supported by 15 years of warranty. You may avail of this warranty for parts and for the performance of the juicer.

  • Easy to maintain.
  • Provide 100% natural flavor.
  • Provide high consistency of juice.
  • Cleaning, spinning and silicon brush is available in the box.
  • • It is not supposed to be use for commercial usage.
  • Warranty is limited regarding political boundaries you may find variation in coverage on different location.


Celery is beneficial in raw or juice form?

Celery is consumed by a lot of people over the world. It can be consumed raw, but it is much more beneficial to obtain celery in the form of juice. As it contains more nutrition.

How much celery must be consumed on daily basis?

The maximum amount of celery intake should not be more than 16 ouches on a daily basis.

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