Six Best Kitchen Faucets For Hard Water For 2022

Best Kitchen Faucets for Hard Water

Are you annoyed by the disgusting build up and stains from hard water in your kitchen sink? If yes, then it is time to buy a new faucet constructed precisely for hard water consumption.

The faucet will resolve these issues by preventing the development of deposits in the first place. So what is hard water? It is a kind of water that encompasses a high quantity of mineral deposits.

Even though it is not a health risk to drink hard water, the buildup, and residue left on the sink lead to your dish cleaner’s poor performance.

As a result, you will have to apply more soap. By installing the best faucets for hard water, you can escape these difficulties and retain your kitchen sink’s shine. Hence, it will look new and clean.

When examining the best kitchen faucet, you have to know exactly what you are looking for. It is especially true when you want to replace your old kitchen faucet.

While you get rid of the residue and buildup caused by hard water, you might want to invest in a new design to change the overall appearance. There are numerous incomparable kitchen faucets for hard water usage accessible; all you have to do pick one.

If you necessitate help in choosing the best faucet for your kitchen to solve the hard water problem, then read on. The following reviews regarding the best kitchen faucet for well water will lead you to the one that suits your needs and match your décor.

We have listed the top six hard water faucets to make it easy for you to make an informed choice.

Moreover, you will find the advantages of using a hard water kitchen faucet. These points will convince you to install one and get rid of the buildup issues.

Owing to the competitive market, you will find a wide range of faucets. For this reason, you can find a buying guide below, which talks about the factors you need to consider before buying a hard water faucet.

So, let’s get started!

What Is A Kitchen Faucet For Hard Water?

Just as the name suggests, a kitchen faucet for hard water is a faucet that is precisely designed to be used in areas that have hard water.

Are you tired of the buildup and residue? If so, then investing in a hard water faucet is the perfect solution. Even though you can utilize water softeners, but that lies under the category of a preventive measure.

Moreover, these softeners do not work as perfectly as replacing the faucet with something that is particularly designed to deal with hard water.

When you use water softeners, remember that they will not completely prevent deposits from hard water. So how can you identify the best kitchen faucets for hard water?

These faucets will use ceramic sealed surfaces, making them fundamentally resistant to hard water. Purchasing a faucet that is designed to avoid deposits can do wonders!

Reviews of the Best Kitchen Faucet for Hard Water in 2022

If you are searching for a kitchen faucet for hard water; then the following reviews can help. These are some of the top-listed hard water faucets for 2021.

Kraus KPF-1640 CH Commercial Style Kitchen Faucet


Owing to its affordable price and varied features, the Kraus KPF-1640 CH is featured as our top pick.

This hard water faucet is designed to fit in all kinds of kitchens, be it in your house or to be used commercially. It comes with a modern design and a simple look.

If you are considering purchasing the best kitchen faucet for hard water 2022 for hard water to make your life simple, then investing in the Kraus KPF-1640 CH will be a smart idea. Make it distinctively yours with a choice of stainless steel or chrome finish.


The Nola™ Single Handle Commercial Kitchen Faucet suits any style, from the traditional to the modern kitchen. It provides a lead-free all-metal construction for maximum durability. The modern double-coil design suits almost all kitchens.

The faucet comes with a high arc open coil spout. Moreover, it has an ergonomic spray head, which gives it a specialized look with extreme visual impact. This faucet is constructed to perfection with sturdy materials and has a streamlined shape.

As a result, this commercial faucet looks stylish while lasting a long time. In addition, the faucet has a slim lever handle giving it a minimalist design. The Kraus faucet offers a smooth temperature and flows control. 


Kraus KPF-1640 has excellent performance features such as a high-performance/low flow Neoperl Aerator. This feature is interesting as it will reduce water wastage without having to sacrifice water pressure. Moreover, the rubber nozzles are easy to clean, eliminating the chance of buildup.

You will find two different color choices; chrome and stainless steel finish. As a result, the faucet can merge well with classic to contemporary kitchen décor.  

The faucet model has a dual-function spray and a stream sprayer with a 360° swivel. You will be able to easily access the sink.

It is also built as an all-metal single lever design, offering simple temperature control and a splash-free flow of water. Its dual function spray shifts between powerful spray and aerated stream through a push-button.

Lastly, the best faucet for hard water has magnetic docking, making the usage enjoyable. This rust-resistant faucet allows for spacious sink space.

Pros and Cons

Why should you buy it?

Kraus KPF-1640CH is one of the finest heavy-duty double-spring-styled kitchen faucets on the market. One of the reasons you must invest in this hard water faucet is because of the quality.

It combines premium materials and components with precision engineering to deliver a product worth buying. You will receive lasting performance owing to the soft rubber nozzles in the spray head.

This particular component ensures the prevention of hard water. For this reason, this faucet is ranked at the top of our list. You can also easily install it without needing any professional help.


Kraus KPF-1630SSfaucet has excellent functionality with an efficient design that will fit impeccably in your kitchen. It has sleek lines with soft curves that generate a shape that is flawlessly balanced to fit in with any kitchen décor.

It has a high arch that makes it extremely functional, and it comprises an ergonomic pull-down sprayer.

Moreover, it includes a handle that utilizes one lever, allowing you to easily regulate the water flow. The sprayer feature comes with two functions; stream and spray. Owing to the simple counterweight, the hose will vanish with a suave retraction. Read More…..


Kraus was sure to deliver only the top quality of production materials with this model of the hard water faucet. You will get a wonderful ceramic cartridge that will give you many years of drip-less and leak-free use.

The Nola faucet also has a great aerator to limit your water consumption without foregoing your stable stream of water. This faucet is rust and corrosion-resistant.

It comes in a stainless steel and chrome finish. Both finishes are gorgeous and look good with stainless steel sink shades.

The faucet’s height is 18.5 inches, and it is made using solid brass. For this reason, the faucet weighs around 4.5pounds. Being the best faucets for hard waterit has lead-free waterway construction, which protects it from minerals.

This incredible finish does not let any watermarks stay on it.


Kraus faucets are made with the latest technology to go beyond industry standards. With the finest materials and constituents, this faucet provides smooth functionality and robustness.

It is an easy cleaning faucet with a high arc spout and 360 degrees spout swivels, making it perfect for dual sinks.

The best feature is the smooth flow and temperature control. Moreover, the handle of the faucet is designed to ensure a splash-free performance.

To guarantee quick cleaning, the spray head has two modes for water delivery- aerated stream and powerful spray.

This model has a High-performance/low-flow Neoperl aerator, which reduces water wastages. The hose is retractable and is made with durable rubber and protective meshwork, allowing for greater flexibility. 

Why should you buy it?

You must invest in this Kraus model because it ensures quick cleaning capability during a busy schedule and is ranked as one of the best kitchen faucets for hard water. It is considered one of the top faucets for hard water owing to the easy-clean rubber nozzle.

This reduces the build-up from hard water and does not let it accumulate. Also, the flow rate is 1.8 gallons per minute to certify increased comfort and ample water to clean.

The faucet is corrosion resistant that will keep it undamaged. For a long-lasting, drip-free experience; the faucet comprises a top-quality ceramic cartridge. Lastly, the dual-function pull-down spray head comes with Lite Touch single-lever temperature. 



Similar to other Kohler produces, this hard, water-resistant faucet is constructed to deliver.

It has a distinctive three-function pull-down spray head that has a far-reaching spray for loftier cleaning, a BerrySoft spray for cleaning vegetables and fruits, and an aerated stream for filling containers and pots.

The best kitchen faucet for well water utilizesDockNetik, to firmly lock the spray head into position and stop it from sagging.

Moreover, the use of ProMotion technology along with a light braided hose and swiveling ball joint ensures ease of use and prevention from getting tangled.


If the design of the faucet is your top priority, then the Kohler K-99259 faucet is the one for you.

Its body is constructed using premium metal that certifies sturdiness and dependability. This faucet gives a classic look and offers a vintage style, bringing elegance to your old kitchen along with the latest technology.

It comes with a 17-5/8” pull-down spout that lets you wash dishes and fruit expediently within the kitchen and fill up pots that are not uniformly positioned in the sink. Along with the elegant design, the functionality and features of the faucet will leave you contended.


Kohler K-99259 is an elegant faucet that has supreme functionalities, allowing you to clean conveniently. The hard water faucet comes with a three-function pull-down spray head system, permitting you to complete a wide range of chores.

There are ceramic disc valves that outdo the standards of durability within the faucets industry. The faucet comes with a single lever handle system, making it easy to regulate the water temperature.

One of the coolest specs includes a temperature memory system. The faucet can generate 1.8 GPM with a maximum flow rate of 60 PSI. Read More…….

Why should you buy it?

If you are looking for a kitchen faucet that will blend in with the classic kitchen décor, then our recommendation is the Kohler K-99259-VS. Inspired by Turn of the century charm, the best kitchen faucet for hard water 2022 works perfectly to prevent hard water.

It has an excellent customer rating and has a Dock Netik magnetic docking system. This ensures that the spray head does not hang loose. Master Clean spray face resists mineral buildup, which is an imperative feature for houses with hard water.

One of the best features of this faucet is that all the hardware essential to the installation comes with the package. It is an Eco-Friendly kitchen faucet and guarantees a zero-hassle water flow.

Kraus KPF-2720SS Modern Crespo Kitchen Faucet

The Kraus KPF-2730CH is particularly designed to enhance your kitchen’s beauty. The faucet is available in chrome and stainless steel finishes. However, what makes it distinctive is the black onyx-colored lever handle and spout.

To supplement its grander aesthetics, you acquire high performance with this hard water faucet. It features a Neoperl aerator, which saves water without having to compromise on pressure.

The faucet model can be rotated to cover all parts of your sink. It also has a removable spray-head that spins a full 360 degrees in any case.

The faucet is tested and approved by various bodies and is rated as top of the line on efficiency and durability.



 Kraus faucet is constructed using metal materials that are durable and will stand the test of time. In the first look, the spout may seem to be fixed. However, it comes with a swivel spout that can rotate 360 degrees around your sink.

The height of this Kraus faucet is 16.25-inch and will easily be fixed under the kitchen cabinet. It is structured with a pull-down style and is crafted using stainless steel.

The relief portion of the faucet is made of a xerox Ceramic Cartridge that is tested w/ 500,000 cycles. Enjoy using a distinctive and high-quality faucet!


This faucet model has multiple features that can be classified as impressive. It is a durable faucet with Neoperl Aerator, which will decrease water bills. Moreover, the faucet has Splash-Free Single Lever Flow Controller and Easy Clean Nozzle.

As a result, you will be able to prevent mineral deposits. Installation of the faucet is a breeze, and it comes with 1 or 3 Holes w/ Deck Plate. As your necessity, it comprises of two functionalities stream and sprays.

The rust and corrosion-resistant material make it effective as a hard water faucet. You will not see any stains, and that will keep your sink looking new. If all these are not reasons enough to invest in this faucet, then a lifetime warranty for this product will do the trick. Pros and Cons

Why should you buy it?

If you are looking to give your kitchen a makeover while getting rid of hard water, then this is a perfect choice. Crespo Single Lever Pull-Down Faucet matches all kinds of kitchens and blends well with the décor.

One of the main benefits of this faucet is its easy-to-clean rubber nozzle. It is an imperative feature because it allows you to prevent mineral deposits from hard water.

They can inhibit chemicals and properties from hard water, making it difficult to accumulate. Another impressive feature of these best kitchen faucets for hard water is the effortless temperature & flow control.



The Delta Cassidy Kitchen Collection offers a beautiful design featuring contemporary technology.

The pull-out component of the best kitchen faucets for hard water spins a total of 120 degrees providing comprehensive sink access. In terms of design and functionality, this faucet provides the best of both.

It is designed for one or three-hole sink. Perfect for both modern and more old-fashioned kitchens, you will love the minimalist look and grander versatility and utility that this faucet offers.


The unmatched Delta faucet design is unlike any other. The faucet weighs approximately 5.8 pounds and lies in the heavier category. You can purchase this faucet in either chrome or vintage style finish.

Apart from its durability, the construction elements are innovative. It has a solid magnet, retorting your sprayer, and keeps it docked so that it does not hang loose. You can easily install this faucet due to its varied designs for single-hole or 3-hole, 8-inches configurations.

The faucet also comes with numerous finish choices for you to select from. There are Chrome, Champagne Bronze, Arctic Stainless, Polished Nickel, and Venetian Bronze. You can select one type which is appropriate for your kitchen decor.


Looking for a product that will last? Delta Cassidy is the one for you. The product exhibits durability and will not get damaged for a long time. To support this claim, this faucet comes with a lifetime warranty. Through the Delta DIAMOND Seal Technology, experience a faucet that reduces leak points.

The best feature of this faucet is the availability of all components in one convenient box, including integrated supply lines. Hassle-free installation is another specification, which is why people tend to buy this one.

Why should you buy it?

Delta Faucet 4197-RB-DST is one of the best kitchen faucets for hard water on the market. If you are searching for a faucet that will last twice that of a standard product, then investing in this model is a good option.

4197-RB-DST faucet falls under the expensive faucet category, so if the price is not an issue, then opting for this one is an obvious choice.

The patented DIAMOND Seal Technology facilitates the decrease of leak points, making it a leak-free faucet for life. Moreover, the installation of this faucet is simple. You will have to purchase a deck plate if you want to install the 3-hole model; you need to buy a deck plate separately.

It is super easy to clean, which is vital for people living in areas with hard water. Its Touch-Clean function lets the faucet clean itself. Lastly, it meets standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act.



The Kraus OLETTO Kitchen Faucet has an efficient silhouette that synchronizes with any kitchen sink. It is a perfect blend of unmatchable sophistication and ergonomics.

The style of this faucet works in line with your kitchen, your class & bath. So, all things considered, this faucet is a seamless fit for adaptability with modernization.

You can achieve maximum efficiency with a dual-function spray head. It offers top-quality constituents to certify superior performance and stability.

Another interesting feature is the Quick Dock mounting assembly eradicates the need to attach the faucet under the sink, making top mount installation remarkably easy.


Kraus Modern OLETTO guarantees matchless quality as it is produced using cutting-edge design with the premium quality material accessible in the market. This faucet is the most reasonably priced of all the best kitchen faucets for well water and suits any lifestyle easily.

The Kraus KPF-2620CH comes with a Chrome finish giving your kitchen a quick modern makeover. Its body is made with all metal to ensure durability and longevity. All-metal faucet body ensures maximum Durability and dependability.

The faucet comes with an optional deck plate, pre-attached 26″ waterlines, and all the items required for mounting hardware. Heavy-duty lead-free construction and a ceramic valve deliver a lifetime of dependable drip-free usage.


Convenient and easy to utilize are just two of the means to define the OLETTO that has a pull-down sprayer on the spout. If you are looking to use it in a sprayer setting, then you can press the button on the sprayer.

When this button is pressed, you can hold it down for a spray setting. An interesting spec of the faucet is the built-in aerator, which combines your water with air to yield the water pressure that you necessitate while preserving a low flow rate.

The OLETTO comes with rubber nozzles that counterattack builds up. The faucet has an easy Top Mount Installation system, which makes the process fast and comfortable.

Pros and Cons

Why should you buy it?

There are numerous reasons that can convince you to purchase this faucet. For starters, the hose is 14-inch long and comes with a swivel adapter that delivers a comprehensive range of coverage in the sink area.

You can use two options, such as a powerful spray for scrubbing and an aerated stream for minor cleaning.

The Pull-Down faucet combines meticulous engineering with first-class materials to relish the finest quality which can be trusted.

This model has a Glide Assure Technology through which the hose glides effortlessly glides with minimal spout wear and tear. Furthermore, the high arc spout of the faucet swivels 360° for a wide range of motion around the sink. 

Advantages of Using Kitchen Faucet for Hard Water

There are several benefits that you can experience by installing kitchen faucets for hard water in 2021, including:

Avoid Hard Water Stains

When you utilize a kitchen faucet for hard water, you will be able to solve one of the main hard water issues that are getting rid of stains. Hard water, although safe to drink, can make your faucet look old and nasty. Hard water can make your sink stained.

These stains can make your sink look dirty and tarnished. You obviously don’t want the entire kitchen items to look good but have a stained sink.

It will obstruct the aesthetics of your kitchen. Resolving this problem is important, and it can be done by simply replacing your kitchen faucet with a hard water faucet

Avoid Hard Water Residue

Residue from hard water can build up, leaving a range of mineral deposits. These deposits can stain the sink in a number of colors, including brown, white, red, blue, and even green. Moreover, it can leave behind a slimy or filmy residue.

Generally, these stains are impossible to get rid of and require professional products to remove the chalky buildup. Furthermore, this residue buildup can result in a blocked faucet. You will experience a minimal stream of water because of the blockage.

It can be very frustrating to wash your hand or dishes under a residue clogged faucet. If you want to avoid having these issues, then it is best to install a kitchen faucet for hard water.

Avoid Damage by Hard Water

Hard water poses numerous issues, including the damage of your faucet, discoloring the faucet beyond restoration, and it can even block it entirely. The deposits from hard water can also ruin the rubber washers that seal the kitchen faucet.

Consequently, it will cause leakage that will lead to more damage. Moreover, if you utilize hard water from the kitchen sink to fill the coffee pot, that can be damaging as well.

This water will lead to lime build-up in the coffee maker around seals and valves. Not only will this result in leaks, but your morning coffee will also have a foul taste.

You were probably not aware of the connection between hard water and the taste of your coffee. Likewise, other appliances can also get damaged with the use of hard water. These include steamers, rice cookers, and even crock-pots. 

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Kitchen Faucet for Hard Water in 2021?

The following section is a cluster of factors that are imperative for you to understand. These variables will eventually determine the kind of kitchen faucet that you will decide on:

Mount/How Many Holes

The first imperative aspect that you must be clear about is the location where the faucet will be mounted. You can find two types of mounts; wall and deck.

Even though a majority of the hard water faucets are deck mount, there are a couple of brands that can be wall-mounted. Moreover, you have to be aware of the available number of plumbing holes. Do you have one for cold, one for hot, and one hole for the sprayer? Or is there only one hole for all of them?

Prior to going shopping for a new hard water faucet, you must know the number of plumbing holes your kitchen sink had and the type of mount available. 

ARC/Spout Height

Another factor that you must think about is its usage. Will you be filling huge cooking pots? If yes, then opting for a higher arc kitchen faucet will be a smart decision. Moreover, you need to think about the spout height before buying a new faucet.

On the other hand, if your kitchen has low-hung cabinets; then high arc and spout faucets will not work for you. The majority of the spouts are 8-10 inches high, and this average size will work for you. It is imperative that you measure the arc and spout size before buying a new one.


The number of handles you want is dependent on your personal preference. Do you want one or two handles? Or would you prefer to go touchless with a hands-free kitchen faucet model? Either one you choose, the options accessible in the market are varied.

Single handle levers can give a trendy and sophisticated look while giving you cold and hot water. In addition, you can utilize two handles: one for hot and the other one for cold water.

The hands-free touchless faucets are another choice and can come in handy for people who like to get their hands dirty. Before going to purchase a replacement, it’s best to decide the kind of faucet that fits your lifestyle. 


You might think that a sprayer is a sprayer. But that’s not the case. There are numerous options when it comes to buying a sprayer. If you are looking for a streamlined outlook, then a pull-out sprayer is for you.

As a result of this sprayer, your space will become aerodynamic. A pull-down sprayer is feasible for individuals who are looking for more reach and maneuverability.

A pull-out spray may even work in certain cases. You might have a side sprayer already, or you might opt to get one. With the side sprayer, you can achieve extra reach and more water pressure to spray out sticky bowls. Choosing the one that suits you is completely up to you. 

Note: in case you have a side sprayer and decide to install a pull-down sprayer, then hiring a professional can help. A plumber can convert it for you and even cover the additional hole. 

Soap Dispenser

This is generally an overlooked item. The majority of people are not even aware that most of the hard water faucets include a soap dispenser.

In most cases, it is located directly beside the faucet. You can use this dispenser for dishwashing liquid or even put hand soap.

In this way, washing your dishes or hands will just be a squirt away. The dispenser usually matches the hard water faucet, giving it a refined look.

You should consider this option when going shopping for a new faucet. You must inform your plumbing professional about the soap dispenser prior to getting started.

On A Budget

The market is full of hard water faucets in a variety of styles, even if you are on a budget. Some of these styles and brands offer reasonably priced faucets. Moreover, you need to remember if you can’t purchase expensive faucets, it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on quality and functionality.

You can find strong, nice, and durable hard water faucets that are stylish yet can fall within your budget. These faucets can add a personality to your kitchen. 

If you are in search of a new best kitchen faucet for hard water but have budgetary constraints, then don’t worry. You will still be able to find the right one. Simply let the professionals know about your price range, and they will assist you in finding the perfect hard water faucet for you.

It is possible to get the features you desire without having to break your bank.


If you are experiencing buildup and residue in your sink from the hard water, then you have landed in the right place.

This comprehensive guide to buying kitchen faucets for hard water is a useful review of numerous and diverse types of products you may want to install in your kitchen and bathroom etc.

Mineral deposits from hard water can be exhausting to clean and can make you feel disgusted. For this reason, you must contact a reputable hard water faucet seller or a professional plumber to see the deals/discounts you can receive on the products mentioned in this review guide.

You can even benefit from the knowledge in this guide if you are looking to upgrade your kitchen.

Shopping for the perfect replacement hard water faucet can be difficult if you do not have the right information. With this guide, you will be able to choose a faucet that suits you best.

The products mentioned above fall under the category of the most reliable best kitchen faucets for hard water in 2021. 

It is recommended that you talk to a professional plumber to the faucet seller before installing anything unless you are well aware of the product. Professionals in this area will be willing to serve you and match your needs.

These services incorporate choosing the best kitchen faucet for hard water and even installing it. You can assist them by conducting your own research before visiting the store. This way, you will pick out a faucet that will suit you and blend well with your lifestyle. 

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