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Best Undermount Kitchen Sinks for Granite Countertops | Reviews & Buying Guide Updated April-2021

Best Undermount Sinks for Granite Countertops


The topic of the day is Best Undermount Sinks for your granite Countertops we try to Explore a very Deep Introduction to the topic. The granite countertop is being used at a great level. Many of us decide to renew our kitchen. To enhance the environment and the outlook of our kitchen, we think about replacing the previous objects and appliances with new ones.

This may seem to be a peaceful task. But before selecting any of the appliance we must have complete background information about the product, its brand and mainly it’s features. Best product means better outcome.

Here we will highlight a list of some of the Best Undermount sinks for your granite Countertop. So, for selecting the best Undermount kitchen sink for a granite countertop first we need to understand the importance of an Undermount kitchen sink and why it is best to select an Undermount sink for a Granite Countertop.

  • Easily adjustable:  The Undermount kitchen sink is easily adjustable within both traditional and modern Kitchens. Now you don’t have to worry about its style.  
  • Space saver: The Undermount kitchen sink provides elongated space for you to work on your countertop as well as a sink. If the sink Would not adjust within the countertop, then it would take a lot of space. As you know there are various tasks that we have to perform in the kitchen on a daily basis. Such as we need space to keep pots and dishes So if you will get less space it would be difficult for you to perform the various tasks easily.
  • Easy maintenance:  If the level of your sink and granite countertop is equal, then you could easily wipe off all the dirt from the countertop by directing the wastewater towards the sink. But if the sink is away or separates then cleaning the countertop would be a mess.
  • Beneficial for the placement of faucet: Undermount sink mostly does not have holes for mounting a faucet. This fact could be beneficial you could select any faucet that suites with your kitchen style. You are not limited to, select a specific size of your faucet.  You could adjust the faucet at any position according to your requirement.

List of Top Best Undermount Sink for Granite Countertop:

Best ProductsMain FeaturesOur Score 
Top pickModena Undermount Kitchen Sink Set.
  • Matte Stainless Steel
  • Style R10 Tight Radius Curved Corner
  • Size R10 Tight Radius Curved Corner.
5/5 StarsMore..
Kraus KHU100-30.
  • Stainless Steel
  • Dent-resistant T304 stainless steel
  • soundproofing technology
5/5 StarsMore..
SWANSTONE Undermount Granite
  • Available at a lower price
  • Easy adjustment of different countertop.
5/5 StarsMore..
Kraus KBU22
  • 32 inch Undermount.
  • 50/50 Double Bowl
  • 16 gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink.
5/5 StarsMore..
BLANCO 440215 Diamond Silgranit
  • 60/40 Double Bowl Undermount.
  • Drop-In Kitchen Sink.
  • 33″ x 22″ x 9.5″
  • acts as a protective shield against liquids.
5/5 StarsMore..

1. ZUHNE Modena Undermount Kitchen Sink Set


While using the kitchen sink, we have various tasks to perform. We never want to stick with a single task for a long time, as we have to perform every task in the proper time.

In such a situation, while washing a heavy pot or container that we may use in our cooking could cause a dent in our sink if it is made up of light material.

This elegant sink is made up of high-quality T304 stainless steel that helps to avoid any possible dent or bend.

You could place any heavy pot over the sink without being worried. Many people avoid washing utensils at night because they don’t want to bother others with a lot of noise.

Being sound proof is another important feature of this under mount sink. Now you can wash your dishes and plates at any time without making noise.  All of its parts are supported by US and Canadian lead-free validity. Every task performed in kitchen has a great link with our sink.

Such as if we drain hot water after boiling vegetables or if we keep Frozen chicken within the sink. The sink must be strong enough to face this temperature difference. The Modena kitchen sink is featured by thermal insulation quality.

Good performance sink made with ultra-strong steel. To protect your sink from getting any type of scratches a grate is provided within the box.


Its design reflects modern and aesthetic sensations. Its sleek curvy corners and drain do not allow water to stay over the surface of the sink for a long time. Sometimes we don’t have enough time to wash all plates and dishes.

At the same time if Our sink bowl is very small it creates a lot of tension and mess. We never want to keep our kitchen messy by placing dirty plates and dishes throughout the kitchen. But on the other hand, if you have a large sink size, then we can place all messy utensils within the sink.

This facility could enhance the look of your kitchen. The overall design of this Modena sink is based on a single bowl. Its elongated dimension of 30 x18 x10 inches is very helpful. That provides you enough space so you could easily place a lot of utensils over it at once.


ZUHNE Modena is one of the well-known companies famous for its kitchen appliances. It is supporting its product’s by a lifetime warranty. This beautiful sink with its rustproof and stainless surface is also supported by lifetime warranty now you don’t have to think twice before purchasing this product.

Additional Features:  

  • Noise less body material.
  • Single set of sponge holder.  
  • It includes two plastic strainers.  
  • R10 Tight Radius Curved Corner.  
  • Able to bear both hot and cold temperatures without being damaged.
  • The Grate is provided to avoid any possible scratches on the surface of the sink.
  • A Sink drain strainer is also present within the box its curved surface does not allow water to stay over the sink.


  • Stain and corrosion resistance.
  • It’s overall dimension is 30 x 18 x 10 inches.  
  • This beauty under mount sink is 32 pounds in weight. 
  • The metal sheet used for this under mount sink is 1.5 millimeter thick.
  • Stain and corrosion resistance.
  • Super strong 16-gauge stainless sink
  • Capable to carry all heavy pots and utensils
  • Clean it once a while to avoid any possible stains and spots.

02-Kraus KHU100-30 Best Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink


It’s one of the prominent features is its quality of being stainless. The stainless steel is comparatively much more durable than the other materials.

As you know stainless steel is strong enough to protect it from rust and any possible sign of corrosion.

While washing plates and plan we can hear a lot of noise whenever the plate touches the surface of the sink.

Further, if you are a parent and you have small babies you can understand most people prefer to do work when their infants are sleeping.

Now this problem is solved you can wash anything fearlessly within the sink without making noise. As the 80 % surface of this elegant Under-mount sink is covered by soundless pads.

That provides you freedom of selecting the time to wash utensils and generate very little sound if anything suddenly gets crashes over its surface.

Sometimes unusual buildups are formed over the surface or beneath the sink. The reason of these buildups could be hard water, minerals or continuous change in water temperature. To avoid the formation of these buildups a secure and protective layer of undercoating is done.

The presence of this layer of undercoating does not allow build-up and rust to form over the surface of the sink. If you avoid the presence of these buildups, it could cause severe damage to your sink and later it could spread all over by spoiling the outlook of the kitchen in a very short time period.


 Great importance is given to its design and shape. It is a well-constructed rectangular shape sink. The surface of this under mount sink is slightly tilted towards the drain.

This tilt does not allow water to rest over the surface of the sink and protect it from rust. Well, in rare cases, if the water is left on its surface it would not damage the sink at all due to its stainless finishing. It is rectangular in shape, but its corner does not have sharp edges.

Each corner of the sink is slightly curvy. Due to these curvy edges you can easily maintain and clean the sink. Those sinks that have sharp corners are very difficult to clean.

It becomes a time-consuming task to maintain them. On the other hand, maintaining this sink is a time-saving task. The sink is constructed by using a 1.5 mm thick sheet of steel. You could easily place heavy objects over the sink as they would not bend due to their perfect thickness.


Kraus the manufacturer of kitchen and bathroom appliances. Kraus appliances fulfill all industry standards. Kraus kitchen sinks are supported by the Limited warranty.

Additional Feature:

  • Single bowl sink.  
  • Stainless steel polish.  
  • Easy to clean, curvy corners.  
  • The Sink is featured by modern sound proof technology.  
  • Soft towel is provided that may help you to clean the sink.  
  • A protective undercoating is done to protect the sink from hard Water Buildups.   
  • Additional items such as base grid, drain strainer and a single towel comes within the box with the product.


  • The weight of the Product is 21.1 pounds.  
  • It’s overall dimension is 30 x 18 x 10 inches.  
  • Widespread 30 inches under mount kitchen sink.  
  • • Acceptable price.
  • • Installation process is easy and simple.
  • • Optimized surface allow water to drain itself.
  • • The base grid could cause scratches.

03-SWANSTONE Undermount Granite 22 x 33 Inch Ascend Bowl Kitchen Sink in Nero QUAD-3322


This innovative Undermount sink has a perfect and flexible size that it may easily get fixed with any type of countertop.

This single bowl sink set has an extra deep space at its side. The single bowl of the sink is large enough that a cookie tray could easily be kept within the sink.

This feature provides you a lot of space. You could easily manage washing utensils and heavy pots. Made up of strong material it may not damage for long time. The sink does not feature faucet hole.

The Dark color sink is at a great risk to accumulate stains over its surface but the smooth surface of this swan stone sink does not let the stains to remain permanently on its surface.

You can easily wipe it off.  No additional equipment is provided with the product. You even have to purchase the drain strainer separately.


Another beautiful Undermount sink in ash black color patterned with fine lines. These wavy fine lines remind us about waterfall ground set.

This beautiful black sink is manufactured by using quartz stone in its construction. Its durability could be guessed by the fact that you could select this product without being worried about rust and corrosion as the quartz stone is strong enough to protect itself from rust and corrosion.

The company had not only focused on its design, it is an amazing piece that carries both style and function. It is specially designed by keeping the basic needs of a sink in mind.

It is able to fulfill all requirements that we want our sink to perform. As a separate strainer or grid is not provided but the half side of this sink may perform the same function.

You could easily keep pot and plates on its one side while using the major part of the sink. Further, you could keep fruits and vegetables over the fine lines to let water escape and vaporize through it. The presence of this modern style sinks in your kitchen can enhance the overall look of your kitchen.

The interesting part of this quartz stone sink design is its curved corners as it provides an easy maintenance facility. If you are thinking to renew your kitchen sink area this modern sink may be the best choice for you.

Highlighted features

  • Easy adjustment of different countertop.
  • It Is polished with an elegant Nero color finishing.
  • The Innovative design that reflects modern features.
  • Strong quartz stone material able to carry heavy pots over it.
  • Easy to clean as you may not find any shark edge or corner at the sink.
  • The Sink is based on a single washing bowl and a separate 10-inch bowl to keep extra plates and dishes; you may utilize it regarding your needs.


  • It can get fit in any type of countertop. 
  • Its dimension is approximately 10x 21 x 32 inches.
  • The weight of this modern style sink is almost 40 pounds.
  • • Easy installation process.
  • • It is beautiful as well as functional.
  • • Sink features a raise platform system.
  • • Strainer for drain in not included with the sink.

04-Kraus KBU22 32-inch Undermount 50/50 Double Bowl 16gauge Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink


If you are planning to have a double bowl sink, then Kraus KBU22 could be the best option for you. It is divided into two equal portions.

There are a lot of functions that a single bowl sink could not perform. By getting a double bowl sink you may get a lot of space that a single bowl sink could not give.

While preparing food in the kitchen a bundle of utensils gathers and we are not able to wash them side by side, we also need space to wash vegetables to cook food, in this situation while having double bowl sink you could gather all plates and dishes on one side while you could use the other side.

This amazing dual bowl sink is also featured by sound-less technology. With a noise-less sink, you could wash anything any time without making noise.

Thick rubber slices are attached to its wall to enhance soundproof technology. Further, the base of the sink is coated by a special cover that may help the sink go avoid thermal condensation.

The thermal condensation could result in the formation of rust and corrosion beneath the sink which later could spread and damage the supply line area as well.

You could adjust this under-mount sink at the granite counter pass. It’s easy to install. The surface of the sink is covered with stainless polish. The stainless polish is the most useable polish it helps to protect the sink from rotting and tarnishing.


It is specially designed to for a large-scale working space. Each of the bowl is able to carry 30 set of plates at a time without cracking. Strong and high-quality steel is used for its construction.

It could be used in both home and industrial level kitchens. If your faucet has 2 spout head on for streaming water and the other for spraying then this dual bowl sink could be much more beneficial for you. Two persons can easily wash the plate and dishes at a time.

This sink is designed by keeping your basis need in me regarding kitchen sink. Both of the bowls are extra deep as compare to normal sink bowls. Some tines in case of dual basin sink one of the basins does not include drain strainer.


Limited lifetime warranty is available for this Undermount sink. 

Highlighted features:

  • Noise less technology.
  • Able to avoid thermal condensation.
  • Double bowl under mount sink of equal depth.
  • Towel and two additional grids are available in the box.
  • Lead proof material is used.  
  • Strong dent proof steel. 
  • Lifetime warranty.


  • Square shape sinks with curvy corners.
  • It spread over the counter at 32.25 x 18 x 8.5 inches.  
  • The weight of this dual sectional sink is 18.9 inches.
  • • Shiny and reflective surface.
  • • Rotting and tarnishing proof polish.
  • • Two drain strainers are also available in the box.
  • • The surface of the sink is little bit rough.

05- Blanco 440215 Diamond Double-Basin Best Undermount Sinks for Countertops.


 If you do not have any idea about this amazing product then you must read the complete description of the product.

This product is featured by a dual installation process. It completely depends on your choice whether you want to install the sink normally or else if you want you could even mount it with your countertop.

The installation instructions are written on the instruction manual that will be provided with the product. If you are not aware about the fact how to install then you could read the instructions.

You could install this amazing sink without any professional help. It has completed traditional look. With modern features. Being hot and cold resistance is it’s another amazing feature.

Most of us have seen that the surface polish of the sink soon fades off because those sinks are not hot and cold resistant.

You could fearlessly pore hot and cold water over its surface. It will not get affected.


If we talk about its design it has a flat deck. Due to this quality you could easily mount this sink under as well as over the countertop.  It is dark in color. It is likely to get affected by hard water stains.

Which could be seen over its surface. But you could easily remove them by using a soft cloth. This unique stone like sink is made up of granite that reflect stone like composition.

If you are a nature lover or if your kitchen design is following the natural design, then this sink would be the best choice for your kitchen.


Supporting a product warranty is one of the most amazing things ever a brand could do. BLANCO 440215 basin is also supported by the lifetime limited warranty. So now feel easy to replace your previous sink by thing amazing tradition sink.

Highlighted features

  • The Faucet mounting hole is available.
  • Two drain strainers are provided along the sink.
  • Dark shade matt is finishing to protect the sink from rusting.
  • Its material is based on granite composition.
  • It reflects the traditional style of sink.
  • Mounting nuts are Also provided with the product.


  • The weight of this classy sink is 43 pounds.  
  • It has a wide spread dual bowl of 33x 22x 9.5 inches.  
  • It is available in Anthracite color.
  • • Deep sink bowl.
  • • Longlisting material does not get affected by hot and cold temperature.
  • • Dual installation options are available, you could under mount this amazing sink or else you could install it normally.
  • Over rated product.

You Can Install an Undermount Sink

We install or replace a new under Mount sink to enhance the beauty of the kitchen. No doubt kitchen is the main portion of the home where you cook delicious food, where are the dishes, pots are cleaned where you stay for a long time.

So, kitchens should be stylish and all the things present in the kitchen should be best so your life can become easy and tension free. Before installing new under mount sink, remove the old under mount sink and then you can call a plumber or you can change it by your own self.

After removing old under mount sink apply silicone and then place new one on correct and cut extra silicone with knife. position you cannot do this work alone you will need two persons.

One person will hold the mount while another person will do all work. After placing it in the correct position, then fix the bracket. Don’t use the sink for 24 hours and you can enjoy your new Mount sink. Read More articles about Best Kitchen Faucets Wirecutter | Best Kitchen Faucets | Best Touchless Kitchen Faucets | Best Pull-Down Kitchen Faucets

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