High-End Kitchen & Bathroom Faucets Manufacturer Brands Latest Reviews April 2021

In This article we try to explore To High-End Faucet Brands, Importance of faucet could not be denied just like a cycle is useless without its pedal all the task performed in the kitchen and bathroom is in vain without faucet.

All the tasks that appear in the kitchen or bathroom could not be initiated and ended without the involvement of High-End Faucet Brands.

A faucet must be well manufactured while keeping in view all types of plumbing arrangement, fixtures, and design. In terms of various customers’ requirements, the high-end faucet manufacturer had given pivotal importance to the product’s everlasting reliability, features, and its designing.

If you are thinking to renew your kitchen or bathroom’s plumbing, appliances, or else if you are facing difficulty with a specific brand’s plumbing product.

Then before replacing the product with a new one, you must have to go through different faucet brands’ descriptions to understand their aims and objectives in order to select a high-end product and high-end faucet brands

All over the world, there are various brands, providing us with the best option for selecting a high-end faucet. Some of the brands focus on providing low-budget products, whereas some other brands focus on providing high-quality featured products.   

It becomes very difficult to decide which brand will suit your style and requirements. To help you decide which brand you want to consider we have presented a list of discussions of various high-end faucet brands.

List of High End Faucet Brands 2021 

1. Hansegrohe High-end Faucet Brands 

Website link for Information www.hansgrohe-usa.com

The brand Hansgrohe is labeled among the world-famous faucet manufacturers. It is well known for its bathroom/kitchen faucets and shower products.

The founder of the brand Hansgrohe Mr. Hanse Grohe kept the foundation of his brand in a small town of Germany at Schiltach about 121 years ago.

After many years, this brand had gained a good name in the faucet industry as well as it is gaining progress day by day at both national and international levels for its high-quality bathroom and kitchen plumbing appliances equipped with modern features and unique technology.

The company’s manufacturer premises are based in Germany, France, the United stated of America, and China as well.

The average 77 % income of this brand is collected at the international level as this brand is responsible to supply its products to almost 145 countries.

You can rely on this brand due to its active, successful background in achieving industry awards such as “Best shower award” and “Best Design Award” (2014).  

Quality factor 

The world’s topmost designers are involved to design the faucet to create an innovative design based on modern functions by keeping in view the customers’ requirements.

While using the faucet in the bathroom or kitchen the experience of using a faucet and its appearance incorporated with its quality matters a lot.

The brand Hansgrohe has focused on each of the facts from designing, using experience till its quality.

The material used for the manufacturing of its products is specially tested and kept under observation to provide you with the facility of a clear and harmless drinking water supply.  

Due to its firm best quality, providing its goal its name is listed numerous times among the leading faucet manufacturing brands.

By quality, it means a product that includes such features that are reliable for a long time and a simple installation process that prevent any possible leakage.

Quality regarding its design does not only means the external beauty of the faucet but also means the validity of its internal mechanism. for More article about Best 5 Kitchen Faucets Brands

 By keeping in view the environmental resources the Hansgrohe is certified by SUVs and DVGW protection test that guarantees that the product is able to provide safe and efficient water flow.

Warranty plan

The products manufactured by Hansegrohe are supported by a limited warranty. But the brand has clearly mentioned some of the cases through which you could not replace the product.

Such as, if the damage is caused during the transport process, the appearance of cracks in a breakable part such as glass, hard water build-up, or intentional tear. The product would not be replaced.  

2. Kohler High-end Faucet Brands 

Kohler is another famous faucet manufacturer brand founded in 1873. It is located in a Kohler village in the USA. Basically Kohler is well known for plumbing, appliances such as kitchen and bathroom faucets, washbasin, bath tubes, but recently it has enlarged its company dealing with furniture products.

The Kohler brand was nominated for the best bathroom accessory and was given the title of “Best quality products” and “most utilized products” in 2015.

Its name is known among the world-famous, high-end faucet brands due to its best quality faucet series. Kohler products are sold at an international level all over the world in different European and Asian countries.

Kohler after receiving popularity got engaged by many other affiliated brands. When some local brands are not able to gain popularity, they create contact with high-end brands to sell out their own product with the approval of the central company.

Various brands are working under Kohler some of those are Mira, Novita, Fiori, etc.- for More about Faucets Best Luxury Kitchen Faucets

Safety Test

All products manufactured by Kohler have to go through all types of safety tests to stand first on the ground of industrial standards to provide its customer with a reliable and promising product. The aim of this brand is to provide a solution to all of your plumbing problems.

They are providing solutions to your plumbing problems by providing you with the best Kitchen and bathroom plumbing appliances mainly the faucets. Kohler has designed its products from traditional to modern equipped technology. 

They are not limited to a specific point of view they are improving their products according to modern and traditional customers’ requirements.

Warranty plan

The most noticeable fact about the Kohler brand is that their products are equipped with a specific warranty plan. The warranty plan depends upon the product.

Some of the products have a limited lifetime warranty whereas others are supported by a one-year warranty regarding the material and polish used over the surface of the product. In case of cracking or damage you could easily replace the product.  

Purchasing options

You could purchase Kohler products from various sites. The Primary source of purchasing the products is its official website. Further, you could get Kohler faucets and the rest of the products from amazon or other famous affiliate websites.  

3. Moen High-end Faucet Brands 

Moen plumbing, appliances are gaining popularity day by day. They are working hard to provide standard and everlasting plumbing, appliances that could fix all of your plumbing problems. For the last three years, Moen Faucets are being certified as Americans, the most trusted faucet brand.

To achieve such a great title is not an easy task, it is given to brands on the basis of customer reviews and response. Moen is a worldwide brand responsible to provide kitchen and bathroom plumbing fixtures and various shower and bathroom accessories.

Its basic aim is to provide such products that are able to compete for the best design and modern features. The proof of its reliability can be seen through the fact that yearly 1.5 trillion gallons of water flow through its faucets. visit site of Moen.

Revolutionary Idea 

It was the time during later1937 when dual handle faucets were famous one handle was responsible for hot while the other was responsible for cold water the founder of the brand Mr. al Moen mistakenly got burned due to hot water.

A delightful spark generated into his mind and he decided to compose a faucet based on single handle. This idea brought a revolution within the present series of Faucet by replacing dual handle faucet with single handle that would be able to adjust temperature and water flow.

By the end of 1947 a set of new revolutionary single handle faucet were launched and took a respectable place in the sanitary industry.

By the passage of time as the modern technology took over various platforms Moen enhanced its products by modern features such as motion sensor, pull out and pull down spray head, the previous handle faucets have been featured by Touchless facility.

The brand not only enhanced the quality of features, but it also promoted stain spotless polish. The brand is in the process to produce remarkable brand new features in faucet and shower series to match up their products with customer demand and their modern needs regarding plumbing appliances.

Exclusive valve system 

The Moen had customized an exclusive valve system through which you could easily replace your present faucet with the new one without removing the whole supply line system.

You just have to remove the faucet body over the fitting area above the sink. You could easily place a new faucet in seconds.

The Moen brand has designed various faucets to get fitted with such type of valve system. This system would help you convert a time consuming plumbing task into a few minutes easy performable jobs.

Splash Less Cleanup System 

It’s another most important feature is its splash free power cleaner system. This system help to convert a normal water flow in to powerful flow without creating splashing mess.

It does not mean that with the help of this feature, your faucet would result in waste water. It does not increase the level of water flow.

The level and amount of water flow remain the same, but just the pressure is converted from low to high. With the help of this cleaning technology you could easily wash out tough stains very quickly.

Pull out and pull down feature 

Previously the spout head was firm and stiff the Moen faucets head has been equipped by pull-out or pull-down feature. Both pull-out and pull-down spout head perform different task.

With the pull-down facility, your movements are limited to a given length, but with the help of a pull-out spout head, you could perform various tasks without being limited. Such as you could wash huge containers or you could clean the sink area with the help of a pull-out spray head. Best Pullout Kitchen Faucets

Magnetic lock system is also developed as soon as by the development of pullout and pull down spout head facility. This helps to lock the spray head after its use by avoiding it to fall off from the spout head.


The products manufactured by Moen are supported by a lifetime limited warranty. You would get amazing featured products with a wonderful warranty plan.

Every product is tagged by its warranty plan. You could read the warranty strategy from the product description list to be sure about your product.

4. Delta High-end Faucet Brands 

Among these High-End Faucet Brands, Delta faucets have their own reputation. It is known throughout the world for its high-end faucet and other plumbing products.

The word Delta means change this word is initiated by a Greek word which means to bring transformation. One could easily understand their manufacturing goals of Delta by viewing their highlighted key points.

Their first priority is to change people’s life through water. Such as many of us are facing difficulty with plumbing products or else a lower quality material products are affecting our lives the Delta manufacturers has taken this duty to provide our good quality products with innovative design to decrease our harsh plumbing misers.

These highlighted points reflect their close concern with their customers. By keenly observing the customer’s need the Delta brand has been refining and designing their products with new features to improve the Customer’s daily plumbing tasks. Some of Delta’s advanced technologies are the Magnetic docking system, touch 2 O system, and super kinetic water flow system. visit Delta Website

Proof of performance 

If you are deciding to get into the best high-end brand to purchase plumbing appliances then you are at the right place Delta is one of the best high-end brands the proof of their validity and reliability could be extracted by the awards given to Delta on different occasions by Environmental Protection Department.

Such as they were awarded the title of water sensor partner of the year for three years in a row. They were also awarded for functional sustainability of their products in the year 2015 and further two more years in a row. Delta’s Addison bathroom faucet was nominated in 2012 for the category of a best new product.

Transformational Idea 

The foundation of the Delta faucet was kept during the late 1920s in the united states by Alex Manoogian. He was the person who decided to introduce a single-handle faucet, such a type of single handle that would able to adjust water temperature and its flow with the help of a ball valve.

His remarkable idea transformed into an amazing advanced faucet. His work was appreciated, his first step towards the transformation of a previously used faucet brought a transformation in the plumbing industry.

Delta’s appliances and features

Delta faucet is known for bathroom and kitchen appliances such as faucets, sinks, and toilets. Its remarkable and innovative products are designed to get fitted for home and commercial usage.

Their tag line represents their deep concern to bring technology and innovation within your kitchen and bathroom through their products. They want to provide you with an excellent experience of water flow and plumbing appliances and bathroom fixtures. Best Kitchen Faucets reviews Wirecutter

Touchless feature 

Delta faucets are the inventor of first touch less auto water and shut off system for kitchen and bathroom faucets. After Delta many other faucet brands are also enhancing their faucets by featuring this touch less modern technology into their faucets.

Spot shield feature 

Many of Delta appliances are supported by spot shield facility. The spot shield technology helps the product to avoid the formation of any possible water spot or stain over the surface of the faucet.

It also does not let finger print effect the look of the product. The main advantage of this feature is that you would not have to waste time in cleaning the faucet with the spot resistance surface.

Water saving mode 

Water is a main resource wastage of this essential resource could lead towards a shortage of water. Delta is creating such faucets that are able to convert less amount of water into force full pressure flow.

With the help of pressure, flow, you could wash a messy plate and dishes without wasting time on scrubbing. Many of Delta’s are gone through the various test process to check its durability and reliability further the products are supported by CALG standards.

Further Delta faucets are tagged by water sensor that means these faucets are able to utilize less water compared to the other normal contemporary faucets.

Warranty plan

Delta faucets are supported by the lifetime limited warranty plan. Every product has a separate warranty plan. The lifetime limited warranty plan is just responsible for faucet parts and polish used for its finishing.

If your faucet includes anything else except the faucet body such as pipelines, or connection tools and battery the company is not responsible to replace it in case of damage.

The company is not responsible to replace the product if it got damaged during the installation process or if the customer mistakenly breaks any part of it. You could get a replacement if the product came in a broken form or else if it got cracked due to a natural cause.

5. American Standard High-end Faucet Brands 

American standard is at Number 5 in the list of High-end Faucet Brands, American standard is a well-known brand for supplying plumbing products. It has been working hard for so long to achieve the place to be listed in high-end faucet brands.

The basic motto of American Standard is to enhance your simple kitchen and bathroom environment by its products that spread aesthetic sense.

The product manufactured by American Standard is kitchen and bathroom faucets, toilets, bathing tubs, and many other bathrooms and kitchen appliances. Their products ensure both design and features.

The American standard does not stay still with its products by viewing various modern Technology in their products, we could realize how fast they are moving towards adopting modern technology to provide their Customer every possible facility regarding plumbing requirement.

The foundation of American standards was kept in early 1875 with a different name. Initially, it was known as a sanitary manufacturing company. Later to get a strong position on industrial grounds the company collaborated with various other sanitary company’s.

Later it was known as the American standard. After years of success in their relevant field, the company was purchased by LIXIL. The brand American Standard is not limited to a specific area. Its products are being used all over the globe On both domestic and commercial levels. visit Company Website of American Standard

ADA Compliant  

The products manufactured by American Standard are supported by the American Disability Act. The faucets are Light weighted with easy to use facility. Those who face difficulty in handling heavy faucets and products could be facilitated.  

SelectflO technology

The American standard has enhanced their faucets by installing a unique selectflo technology. With the help of this technology, the Faucet is able to adjust the water flow in four different modes according to your use.

The spout head is attached by a circular dial you could circulate the dial four times to get four different types of water flow.

Hand free technology

With the help of this technology, you could easily turn on and shut down your faucet just by waving your hands in front of faucets.

Such faucets are designed to sense a minor movement, it is able to differentiate between wave and mistaken pass over. If your hands are full of mess and you don’t want to create further mess by touching the handle, then this technology could be very helpful for you.


American Standard products are also supported by a limited lifetime warranty. Some of the product carries different warranty plan you could read the description of the product to get information about your American standard product warranty plan.

6. TOTO-USA High-end Faucet Brands 

The brand Toto too, starts in the sanitary industry in Japan, and soon it was globally recognized as a high-end faucet brand. Their aim is to create such a product for their customers that that would improve their lives and health.

For manufacturing faucets, they have used high-quality lead-free brass material that would guarantee health security. The products manufactured by Toto could enhance the environment of your kitchen or bathroom.

As they have given central importance to cleanliness. By composing spot and stain-resistant products. Besides qualities, the faucets are designed in such a way that could delight your eyes. It manufactures various products the brand Toto has categorized each series of products with a different name. website


Products including faucets, shower, and bathroom appliances are included in this category. It provides very comfortable and easy to use appliances.


This category is a collection of high quality toilet and faucets. The items are designed by following Japanese traditional designs. Each and every item would reflect Japanese culture.


This category includes products designed by creating angular lines. The product in this category would easily get fitted with traditional as well as modern environment.

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