All Types of Kitchen Faucets to Know | Updated Buying Guide 2021-22

Types of Kitchen Faucets for Homeowners

Faucets are the most common bathroom and kitchen accessories that we often ignore until they start dripping or stops working. With the improvements in the home accessories for the kitchen and bathroom, several new types of faucets are now available to buy.

However, faucets come in different colors, styles, shapes, and sizes. Choosing the correct type of faucet for your need becomes challenging when there are many options available. Mostly the decision-making happens based on the aesthetic and functionality of the faucets.

Faucets these days are more towards the compact design and luxury style. But before buying them, you need to consider what you are looking for in a faucet? If you need only a faucet to get the work done, choosing the luxury faucet may seem pointless and vice versa.

Each manufacture releases different types of faucets to attract a more extensive customer base. We have listed four primary types of residential faucets that you can choose and detail about their function and working.

Ball Faucets

Types of Faucets

Ball faucets are a prevalent type of household faucets that use ball joints to control water flow effectively. This joint actively controls the flow of hot and cold water lines and mixes according to the requirements.

The ball faucets’ design is distinctive and has a single handle on a curvy cap that directly mounts on the top of the spout. It may come in different shapes, but identification is very straightforward.

Your faucet is a ball faucet if it contains a push-up and down handle water adjustment. These faucets usually move from left to right to control the amount of hot and cold line mixing.

Ball faucets are different from other faucet types as it does not contain rubber washers to control the flow of water. In other washer types, rubber washers are standard for sealing, but these washers face wear and tear over time – a continuous maintenance needs for rubber washers as they need a replacement to prevent leakage. Best Kitchen Faucets Wirecutter for Home Owners.

Contrary to the rubber washers, the ball faucets are more immune against the leakage of the water.

But they are not resistant to it as they also undergo some wearing over time. You can expect easy handling and more control from a ball faucet with premium looks.

Cartridge Faucets

Types of Faucets

Cartridge faucets are among the common types of faucets. They are aesthetically premium and are very easy to identify. A cartridge faucet controls the water flow from up and down handle movement.

The movement, however, is not restricted in either direction. You can move the handle up to control water flow, and at the same time, you can turn it either to left or right. This is distinctive to the cartridge faucet and is pretty standard in kitchens and washrooms.

The cartridge faucet is either made from brass or mixed plastic material. However, most high-end cartridge faucets use premium material in construction compared to cheap plastic material. They ensure more durability and resilience to wear and tear. for More info Best Commercial Kitchen Faucets.

Disc Faucets

Types of Faucets

If you want more luxury options for your faucets selection, then disc faucets are the perfect option. They are more recent types of faucets that are more towards the expensive side than other faucets. However, the features it offers undoubtedly justifies the price tag.

Disc faucets are highly reliable and durable for extensive use. Their identification, however, is tricky, and you can mix them with ball faucets. A similarity prevails between disc faucets and ball faucets that both have a single lever for controlling and operating them.

But the main difference between the ball faucets and disc faucets is that the disc faucets lever sits atop wide compared to the level attached to the shaped cap. This is the main difference from which you can identify the disc faucets.

Besides their looks and identification, disc faucets utilize an effective cartridge mechanism to control the flow and mixing of hot and cold water.

The cartridge bottom has two ceramic discs that contain hot and cold water pressure by raising and lowering mechanism.

Lowering the handle forces the discs to move down and cutting the water pressure. The side-to-side movement controls the right and left side water flow to allow water flow from either side effectively.

Compression Washer Faucets

Types of Faucets

Compression washer faucets are a more budget-friendly option among different types of faucets. They are more common in the old construction and places with older plumbing fixtures. The reason for their availability is their low price tag and easy to repair mechanism.

However, using compression washer faucets can be a real pain as they require more maintenance than other faucets. There are specific issues like rubber wearing and washer losing grip that you can face with compression washer faucets.

The compression washer faucets have rubber washers to form to tight seal that stop the water flow. These rubber are very effective when new, but they lose their grip and are subjective to wear and tear with time.

Identification of the compression washer faucets is very easy. They, however, have similarities with the cartridge faucets. A compression washer faucet has two handles to control the water flow. They operate by rotating them, not by up and down movements.

You can physically identify the compression washer faucets as rotating the handle makes them tighter, and you feel that they are closing until completely shutting down the water flow. Contrary to this, cartridge faucets need continuous pressure for smooth movement, and they stop suddenly.

Types of Faucet according to the material used


Types of Faucets

Plastic is the cheaper and easy to install material that we often see in the faucets. Most plastic faucets have polyethylene used in their construction, which is an excellent material for sturdy and durable faucets.

Having plastic faucets can result in less material chipping away in the water supply as it does not wear off quickly.

You might be thinking that having a plastic faucet is not suitable from an aesthetic point of view. It is valid to some extent, but modern plastic faucets have fancy designs. You can choose from different colors and textures like fake crystal accents, especially on the water-controlling knobs.

A serious issue with the plastic faucets is that they build up molds around the handle and knob area. They require regular maintenance, especially in wet weather, to prevent mold buildup. You may avoid clear plastic to minimize the mold display on your faucets.


Types of Faucets

Brass is the alloy of copper and zinc, which is a very popular material for faucets. It represents a shiny yellow color that looks pleasing and aesthetically very well finished. There are certain benefits of using brass material for faucets besides its looks and durability.

Brass has copper as the main constituent that has antimicrobial properties to keep the water healthy for use.

Some manufacturers add aluminum to the brass to make it durable and adding more resistance. Aluminum addition prevents the corrosion process and contributes towards the long life of faucets.

Some brass faucets have a tin for making the material less prone to lose its properties. The zinc properties of brass lose their effectiveness over time when it comes in contact with the water. Tin acts as a buffer to minimize this effect and make it last longer.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is one of the most common materials that constitute most of home appliances these days.

Types of Faucets

Types of faucets that use stainless steel in their construction are classier and more rigid than other materials. You may expect these faucets to last longer than brass.

The combination of chrome and nickel in these faucets contributes to the shiny and silvery tone. Stainless steel faucets are well known for their durability. They are not easy to wear out, and their hard texture makes them resistant to any physical damage.

However, like other types of faucet materials, it has a drawback. They are more subjective to show watermarks on their surface.

You may need active cleaning and maintenance to make them shiny and clean from the water mark. For this purpose, using a cleaning product is a better solution.


Zinc has some remarkable properties that make it a cheaper replacement for brass and steel faucets.

Types of Faucets

It has a dull grey color hue which is not suitable for directly using on the faucets. For this purpose, it has the finishing of chrome that plates over it to give a classy look.

The main advantage of zinc faucets is their affordability. However, they have a reputation for their resistance against corrosion.

Not only do they perform better with the water due to anti-corrosion properties, but they are also lightweight.


Chrome gives a classic look to the faucets and is one of the most famous kitchens and bathroom accessories.

Types of Faucets

The chrome material is cheaper than other options and comes in many models from different manufacturers. You may find any design that best suits your need in a chrome faucet.

The main advantage of chrome faucets is their adaptability with almost every type of setup. You can use them with a different color scheme.

The primary benefit is their easy upkeep and easy-to-clean features. You can keep the care cost low on these affordable faucets.

There is a drawback that usually prevails in chrome faucet. They have a shorter life and less durable than other options.

You may need to change some chrome parts more frequently than other parts depending upon their type of use.

Brushed Nickel

Nickel finish is identical to the chrome faucets; however, a particular line distinguishes both materials.

Types of Faucets

The chrome faucets are lighter in color and are more dynamic. On the other hand, Nickel faucets have the same silvery appearance, but they have a darker hue.

Some other difference between chrome and nickel finish is their ability to shine and their durability.

Nickel has more shine and looks more classic than chrome. The sparkle on the nickel material gives it a premium look. Moreover, nickel is more durable than chrome.

But what brings the chrome value up is their affordability. Nickel is far more expensive than chrome faucets. Getting almost the same finish and color by paying more dollars may not be the best option for some buyers.

Features to consider while buying Kitchen Faucets


Nobody will like to buy a faucet that looks ugly or does not suit their overall environment. But keep in mind that aesthetics is not everything when buying a faucet for your kitchen or bathroom.

Some models may look very well finished, but their appearance might be deceiving, and they lack the proper functionality and durability that you can expect from a high-quality faucet.


Having a perception that a costly faucet is more durable is wrong on many levels. You may get a cheaper faucet with a durable and well-constructed body in fewer bucks.

It does not mean that you should not spend higher on faucets. While buying, keep in mind the material and type of faucets as all the expensive options are not the best.

Height and Reach

Height is the primary concern when buying kitchen faucets. Washing dishes can be troublesome if the faucet has a shorter height. The reach of the faucet is another critical factor.

Without a proper reach, you may have difficulty cleaning the dishes. Choosing an extendable design is a good option for improving the reach of the faucet.

Right Kind of Values

If you want your faucet valves to be durable and last long, then always chooses the ceramic valves. These valves run years long and are more reliable.

The main advantage of these valves is that they almost cost the same as other faucets, so they do not drain your cash.

Pull Down Sprayers

Faucets with pull-down sprayers are more reliable than side sprayers. Many people prefer side sprayers, but the problem with these sprayers is their continuous dripping after some usage.

Faucets with built-in sprayers are much better and provide a wide range of mobility to get your job done. For more information about Best Kitchen Faucets Click Here.

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